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Northwest University (NWU)can trace its origins back to Shaanxi Imperial College and Peking ImperialCollege in 1902. The University received its current name in 1912, and wasrenamed Northwest National University in 1923. With institutions such as PekingNational University, Peking National Normal University and Beiyang NationalEngineering College, which moved inland to Shaanxi province when the War ofResistance against Japan broke out in 1937, the University merged to form Xi’anNational Provisional University. It was then renamed Northwest AssociatedUniversity in 1938 and regained the name Northwest National University in 1939.

  For over 110 years, following its vision of“promoting the national spirit, integrating the ideas from around the world andshouldering the responsibility of developing northwest China” and its motto of“Fairness, Integrity, Diligence and Simplicity”, NWU has strived for excellencein the face of difficulties and challenges. Through unremitting efforts, NWUhas attracted a generous number of distinguished scholars, cultivatedgenerations of talents, and made a series of significant academic achievements.NWU has also developed the academic mindset of being rooted in northwest Chinawith a global view and creating new knowledge while inheriting pastcivilizations. In addition, it has fostered a talent education philosophy whichhelps students to develop cultural ideals, integrative learning abilities andthe courage to achieve as much as possible in the future.

  NWU has 3 campuses: the Taibai Campus, theTaoyuan Campus and the Chang’an Campus.

  Since the founding of the People’s Republicof China, NWU has educated over 200,000 professional talents across differentdisciplines. Most of them have developed into the professional, academic andadministrative backbone of the nation, fulfilling leading roles in differentregions and sectors. NWU has been honored as “the Mother of Chinese PetroleumEngineering,” “the Cradle of Economists” and “the Cradle of Writers.” NWU isamong the first group of pilot universities entitled to train officercandidates for the Chinese People’s Liberation Army.

  Each year NWU undertakes over 100 researchprojects of national importance, including “the 973 Project,” “the 863Project,” national major scientific and technological projects, and theprojects of the National Natural Sciences Foundation of China. To date, NWU haswon a number of major scientific research awards, including the NationalNatural Sciences Awards (the first and second prizes), the NationalTechnological Invention Awards (the second prize), the National Scientific& Technological Progress Awards (the second prize), and the Cheung KongScholars Achievement Awards (first prize).

Bachelor | 76 programs for admissions

Master | 148 programs for admissions

Doctoral | 103 programs for admissions

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  • Encontrado en: 1912
  • Campus: 1574120square meters
  • Estudiantes: 26000 (as of 17 December)
  • Estudiantes internacionales: 1036 (as of 17 December)
  • Beca: Yes