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Under the direct supervision of the University President and Academic Vice President, the Academic Affairs Office of Liaoning Technical University provides services to all the undergraduate students and teachers of the university and facilitates teaching and learning. It schedules teaching and learning activities, formulates rules and regulations on instruction, develops long-term planning for the future development of educational projects and makes program and curriculum adjustments. Subordinate to it are: Teaching Affairs Section, Teaching Research and Quality Section, Teaching Material Management Section, Practice Teaching Section, Examination Center, Miscellaneous Section and Academic Affairs Office of Huludao Campus. Because of its outstanding achievements, the Academic Affairs Office of Liaoning Technical University was awarded the title of "Outstanding Office of Academic Affairs in Domestic Universities" by the Education Ministry in 1999. The Office spares no efforts to do well in educating new students and guiding graduates.


School or Department


School of Mining

Mining Engineering

Civil Engineering

Safety Engineering

Mechanical Engineering & Automation

Engineering of Surveying and Mapping

Electrical Engineering and Automation

School of Business Administration

Business Administration

International Trade

Science of Banking

Information Management and Information System

Engineering Management


Enterprise Financial Management

Industrial Economics

School of Mechanics and Engineering

Theoretical and Applied Mechanics

Engineering Mechanics

Engineering Mechanics (Virtual Simulation Engineering)

School of Electrical and Control Engineering

Electrical Engineering and Automation


Measure-control Technology and Instrument

School of Security Science and Engineering

Security Engineering (Mine ventilation and safety)

Security Engineering (Detection and monitoring)

Security Engineering (Public Safety)

School of Materials Science and Engineering

Materials Science and Engineering

Material Shaping and Controlling Engineering

Welding Technology and Engineering

School of Marketing and Management


Electronic Commerce

School of Sciences

Mathematics and Applied Mathematics



Information and Computing Science

Applied Physics

School of Software

Network Engineering

Software Engineering

School of Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering and Automation

Industrial Design

Industrial Engineering

International Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical and Electronic Engineering

 Automotive Engineering

processing technology and controlling engineering

Thermal Energy and Power Engineering

School of Architectural Engineering

Civil Engineering (Architectural Engineering)

Civil Engineering (International Architectural Engineering)


Water Supply and Drainage Engineering

Building Environment and Equipment Engineering

School of Civil Engineering & Transportation

Hazard Protection Engineering

Civil Engineering

School of Mapping & Geographical Science

Resources-Environment and Management of City-Village Planning

Engineering of Surveying and Mapping

Geo-information System

Engineering of Surveying and Mapping (Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing)

School of Electronics & Information Engineering

Electronic and Information Engineering

Computer Science and Technology

Electronic Science and Technology

Communication Engineering

School of Public Management & Law


Law (Intellectual Property Law)

Labor and Social Security

Administrative Management

Department of Foreign Languages


School of Media & Arts


Radio and TV Journalism

School of Environmental Science & Engineering

Environmental Science

Environmental Engineering

Soil and Water Conservation and Desertification Control

School of Mining Engineering

Mining Engineering

Mineral Processing Engineering

Resource Exploration Engineering

Exploration Technology and Engineering

Coal and Coal-bed Methane Engineering

Master Degree

 Applied Mechanics

Bridge and Tunnel Engineering

Cartography and Geometrics

Computer Application Technique

Control Theory and Control Engineering

Electrical motor and Electrical Apparatus

 Electrical Theory and New Technology

Electromechanical Engineering

Engineering Mechanics

Enterprise Management

Heating and Gas Supply

Industrial Economics

Management Science and Engineering

Materials Engineering

Materials Science

 Measurement Techniques and Automation

Mechanical Design and Theory

Mechanical Engineering and Automation

Mineral Processing

Mineral Reconnaissance and Prospection

Municipal Engineering

Photogrammetric and Remote Sensing

Power Electronics and Electrical Drive

Safety Management Engineering

Safety Technology and Engineering

 Signal and Information Processing

Soil &water conservation and Desertification

Solid Mechanics

Structural Engineering

Tech-economics and management

Thermal Engineering

Computer Software and Theory

Vehicle Engineering

Software Engineering

Communication and Information System

 Mining Engineering

Disaster Prevention and Reduction Engineering Geological Engineering






Doctoral Degree 

Geodesy and Survey Engineering 

 Mechanical Design and Theory 

Mining Computer Application and Space Information Project

Systems Engineering

Mining Engineering


Geotechnical Engineering

Engineering Mechanics

Management Science and Engineering

Mine Environmental Engineering

Engineering Mechanics

Cartography and Geological Information

Mineral Processing Engineering

Safety Management Engineering

Safety Technology and Engineering

Geological Engineering


Bachelor | 30 programs for admissions

Master | 10 programs for admissions

Doctoral | 5 programs for admissions

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