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Since 1960’s, over 8000international students from over 100 countries have studied here at DUT. In2014, more than 1200 international students are on the DUT campus. Based onDUT’s science and technology research strength and excellent educationalresources, DUT’s international education has got sound developments withnon-degree programs and degree programs. In 2012, Dalian University ofTechnology was evaluated as “Liaoning Provincial Demonstration Base for InternationalStudents Education”.

School of International Education (SIE),founded on March 8, 2013, is a multifunctional administrative and academic unitresponsible for the admission, education, management of international students,Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language, TCFL research, etc. SIE adheres to theDUT’s philosophy, upholds the motto of “vast ocean taking all the streams,self-cultivation, devotion to study”, aims to educate the students to becomeinternational talents familiar with Chinese culture and have good understandingof multicultural communication, thus contributing to the building DUT into aworld-recognized research-oriented university.

SIE consists of 6 departments: Department ofTeaching Chinese as a Foreign Language, General Affairs Office, StudentsAffairs Office, Teaching Affairs Office, Recruitment and Admission Office andConfucius Institute Administration Office. SIE has a professional, experiencedacademic team of faculties more than 50% of whom are associate professors and ateam of administrative staff who have overseas study and living experience,serving at SIE for many years. SIE not only provides qualified and scientificlanguage training and programs, but also provides various services forinternational students including psychological consultation, visa service,study consultation, etc.

The non-degree programs at DUT includeInternational Summer School, long or short term Chinese language learning andtraining courses provided by SIE’s Chinese Language Center, credit transferprograms, etc. Degree programs include Chinese Language bachelor program forinternational students, English-medium bachelor programs, English-medium masterprograms, English-medium doctoral programs and all the other degree programsoffered at DUT.

SIE is an active organizer for internationalstudents’ colorful campus life and Chinese culture experiences. Every year SIEorganizes a lot of language practice and internships, cultural tours, businessand industry visits, as well as a good number of campus activities includingInternational Cultural Festival, Chinese Speech Contest and DUT Campus Carnivaletc.

Doctoral | 77 programs for admissions

Master | 161 programs for admissions

Bachelor | 58 programs for admissions

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  • Encontrado en: 1949
  • Campus: 4262000square meters
  • Estudiantes: 40000 (as of 17 December)
  • Estudiantes internacionales: 500 (as of 17 December)
  • Beca: Yes