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Commonapp.cn is a product of Beijing Silk Road Education Technology Co., Ltd., and is currently planning to relocate its headquarters to North Carolina. Commonapp.cn is a platform for studying in China and studying abroad. It serves global partners and currently holds written agreements with more than 350 universities in China, International partners have about 40 agreements, It is now focused on developing North American, South American, Latin American and Spanish, Portuguese scholarships and self-funded to study in China markets.

Marketing Manager 1 persons

1) very familiar with the Google search engine, and have at least 2 years of work experience

2) at least familiar with two foreign languages, Russian or Spanish is preferred

3) responsible for the natural flow of search engines to the website, planning the site's SEO architecture and improving the ranking of the website in major search engines.

4) engaged in digital marketing research, analysis and service work, evaluation of keywords, writing webpage SEO element optimization program and responsible for implementation.

5) the exchange of data, data or services on the website and third-party websites, or strategic cooperation alliances, increase the traffic and visibility of the website.

combined with website data analysis, adjustment of optimization strategy 2, more than 3 years of marketing, planning related experience, the strong sense of brand.

7) has a wealth of intentions to express and communicate, strong writing skills, the text is refined.

8) have a sense of responsibility to study the user's feelings.

9) Participate in the preparation of the relevant affairs of the North Carolina office, and the decoration of the office environment

10) willing to accept the performance evaluation mechanism according to the effective registration amount and the number of visits, as well as the location of the Google homepage rankin

11) the office location will choose near Cary or Apex

12) the date of arrival is tentatively scheduled for mid-to-late September

13) It is possible to travel to China from April to June of each year

14) Good communication and cooperation with Chinese technical team, service team, and sales team

15) can adapt to the management of Chinese enterprises

16) due to the international time difference, you need to use modern communication tools to maintain communication at any time (excluding North Carolina time from 10 pm to 8 am)

17) have a certain ability to speak, can speak professional topics on the occasion of more than 100 people

18) Those who do not have a North Carolina work permit should not apply

Sales Manager 2 persons

1) Responsible for the sales of commonapp.cn in North America and Spanish and Portuguese speaking countries, with strong comprehensive management capabilities

2) Have at least 5 years of experience in the education industry, study abroad consultants, etc.

3) Have good management experience and entrepreneurial enthusiasm, and have experience in controlling the Internet industry are preferred

4) Have plans to work stably for more than 3 years, from small Internet services to large Internet services

5) Good team awareness, self-discipline, good communication, self-control ability

6) Can travel at any time after plan approved

7) A third party certification is required to prove the authenticity of the personal resume, and there is a priority for the recommendation letter

8) Ability to manage cross-cultural, cross-country teams

9) Self-management and regulation teams adapt to meetings, marketing activities and working time schedules in international time zones

10) Have management habits of hard work, diligence, and budget

11) Those who do not have a North Carolina work permit should not apply

12) have the ability to grow into a general manager or CEO

13) very good learning ability

14) Good commission income, but the commission income is distributed in a step-by-step manner, and the service can be fully issued

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